Resilient Art Zine

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Resilient is an Artist Collective zine that is raising Money for Puerto Rico's Natural Disaster Victims. The money will be sent to Misioneros Borincanos a Non profit Organization in Puerto Rico that has been helping with the disaster relief Fund since its inception in 2017. The art on the zine was donated by volunteer Artists that wanted to cooperate with the project. Zine will release on the 15th at 12 pm since we have to wait for submissions that we will be taking until the 10th.

You can pay whatever you can the minimum is $2 we made it affordable so everyone can donate, everyone who purchased no matter how little will be able to get the zine since it's for charity.

You would like to volunteer? go to this link:

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a PDF file of the zine and our eternal gratitude, you are amazing! Thank you for helping Families in need🙏

It's a Collection of Art from Different artists valued at
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Resilient Art Zine

6 ratings